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Daiwa Airity Whip 8m Pole (ASW80AU)

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Ref: 1100621

Daiwa Airity Whip 8m Pole (ASW80AU)

Designed as a standard 8.0m, spliced tip whip that combines a telescopic top three with take apart sections allows the 'system whip' to perform as a short pole. Usable 'to hand' or take apart on canals, drains and rivers for seed and punch work.

When combined with the hollow tip and the 9.0m and 10.0m extensions it truly enters a world of its own and in the right hands becomes a deadly match fishing weapon.

Comes with: Flick Tip & 2 x Hollow Top 3's

  • Super MSG carbon construction
  • Extends up to 10 meters
  • Perfectly blended flick tip top
  • Supplied with two spare hollow top three kits (Suitable for No.6 elastic)
  • 'Slide easy' finish on 6 to 10mtrs
  • Spare hollow top threes available