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Carp Reels

Daiwa Emcast A Reel

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Emcast 25A (EMC25A) £74.99 (3 Available)
Emcast 5000A (ECS5000A) £79.99 (6 Available)
Emcast 5500A (ECS5500A) £79.99 (6 Available)
Emcast 5000LDA (ECS5000LDA) £79.99 (5 Available)

Product Info

Ref: 11000692

Daiwa Emcast A Reel
EMC25A, ECS5000A, ECS5500A, ECS5000LDA

Emcast 25A
The 25mm family has grown with the addition of the Emcast 25A.

Its short stroke and body delivers a compact package that can still deliver ‘big pit’ distances.

The 4.6:1 retrieve converts plenty of power, assisted by 7BB and cranks back just under a meter of line too.

The short range drag ensures that it is easy to engage free spool but still offers responsiveness for fish control plus a distance control line clip makes pin point bait placement a breeze.

Other features include Twistbuster, Air Bail, a machine cut handle and spare spool.

Emcast A

This ‘big pit’ Emcast edition is designed for bigger open waters, three sizes will cover all styles of carping including extreme distance work.

Featuring AirBail, Twistbuster and supplied with a full spec spare spool the Emcast is certain to be a popular choice.

  • Classic big pit spool design in all black
  • Twist Buster
  • Micro adjustable ten washer front drag
  • Worm gear oscillation for superb line lay
  • Spring loaded line guard to prevent spool tangles
  • Super Duraluminium gears and Super Metal rotor for durability and strength
  • One Touch® folding handle