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Match & Coarse Mono,Braid, etc

Daiwa Matchwinner Mono

Our Price 4.99
Breaking Strain
2lb B/S   
2.5lb B/S   
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Product Info

Ref: 1100099

Tested in close consultation with Will Raison and primarily suited to the rod and reel, Match Winner is highly versatile and has many features including an incredible level of durability.

With a high strength to diameter ratio and up to a 30% better wet knot strength. Supplied on 100m spools.

High strength to diameter ratio
Up to 30% higher knot strength
UV resistant
Excellent durability for high catch rate venues
Controlled stretch
Superior suppleness
Versatile performance
Precise diameter shown

MWM020 2lbs 0.10mm
MWM025 2.5lbs 0.12mm
MWM030 3lbs 0.14mm
MWM040 4lbs 0.16mm
MWM050 5lbs 0.18mm
MWM060 6lbs 0.20mm
MWM080 8lbs 0.22mm