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Match Float Rods

Daiwa TD Commercial Rods

RRP 159.99 Our Price 143.99
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10ft 6 Pellet (TDCM106PW-AU)
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10ft 6 Pellet XP (TDCM106XPW-AU)
11ft 6 Pellet (TDCM116PW-AU)
Call the Shop for Availability and Pricing.
11ft 6 Pellet XP (TDCM116XPW-AU)

Product Info

Ref: 110007527

Daiwa TD Commercial Rods
TDCM106PW-AU (10ft 6 Model) / TDCM116PW-AU (11ft 6 Model)
TDCM106XPW-AU (10ft 6 XP Model) / TDCM116XPW-AU (11ft 6 XP Model)

Commercial, high catch rate waters dominate the match and pleasure scene.

This Team Daiwa range offers a mix of power and extra power versions, all designed at a mid-way length.

This length benefit can be seen in two ways. A longer 11’6 still punches a 10g pellet waggler and line pick up is swift. But the difference in the balance and fish playing makes it feel like a lighter and more convenient shorter rod. The 9’6 tip rod still behaves like a wand but the added length just adds a bit more casting punch.

All models are supplied with a padded sleeve to carry made up rods.

  • High Modulus carbon
  • Ultra slim blanks
  • DPS reel seat with down locking EVA hood
  • High grade cork handle with EVA Fore and rear drip
  • Colour coded power
  • Hook Keeper
  • All feeder rods supplied with 3 carbon quivers (1oz, 1.5oz 2oz)