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Match Feeder Rods

Daiwa Yank N Bank Feeder Rods

RRP 89.99 Our Price 80.99
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9ft Feeder (YNB9Q-BU)
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10ft Feeder (YNB10Q-BU)
11ft Feeder (YNB11Q-BU)
12ft Feeder (YNB12Q-BU)
Call the Shop for Availability and Pricing.
11ft Power Feeder (YNB11PQ-BU)
12ft Power Feeder (YNB12PQ-BU)

Product Info

Ref: 110008973

Daiwa Yank N Bank Feeder Rods
9ft (YNB9Q-BU) / 10ft (YNB10Q-BU) / 11ft (YNB11Q-BU)
11ft Power (YNB11PQ-BU) / 12ft Power (YNB12PQ-BU)

To end 2017, Daiwa have re-vamped the Yank N Bank Feeder & Match Rods. With the new look, you can see that these rods mean business!

High catch rate waters such as commercial fisheries often feature the pellet waggler or feeder and bomb work. The Yank n Banks will deliver. All are designed around a two section assembly and the feeder models feature slim, light quivers enhancing their action and feel.

Product Features:
  • High grade carbon blanks with 1K woven carbon
  • Low glare matt tape finish for improved weight and crisper action
  • Stainless steel frame guides with lightweight LS rings
  • Cork with EVA Armlock handle
  • EVA/Cork fore grip
  • Down locking DPS reel seat
  • Woven carbon butt frame with rubber butt cap
  • Hook keeper
  • All rods supplied in padded rod case