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Deeper Pro Wireless Sonar

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Deeper Smart Sonar Pro

The Deeper Smart Sonar Pro takes smart sonar fishing to the next level. Its WiFi connection gives it incredible data transmission power. And it needs it, because, thanks to its higher scanning frequency and resolution, the Smart Sonar Pro gathers a lot of data.

It can capture every detail of the site you’re fishing, including small and fast-moving objects. Using a WiFi connection also significantly boosts its range (80m / 260 ft), while its advanced sonar technology gives a scanning depth of 80m / 260ft. And using WiFi also guarantees rock solid connectivity, no matter what the conditions are.

Deeper Pro Smart Sonar Features:

Wi-Fi Connection
The Deeper Smart Sonar PRO uses a WiFi connection, enabling it to transfer much more data, giving it an increased range of up to 330ft/100 m, and guaranteeing rock solid connectivity. The WiFi connection does not require any internet connection to operate, and can be used anywhere.

Scan Deeper
The Deeper Smart Sonar PRO floats on the water and scans down to 260ft / 80 m below. Use this enhanced scanning depth to find every depth change and drop off, then hone in on the most productive fishing zones.

Hi-Res Structure Imaging
The PRO is kitted with a higher resolution scanner, enabling it to separate objects down to a distance of 0.4 inches / 1.3 cm. This allows you to identify smaller underwater units, so you know exactly what you are fishing for.

Create Detailed Maps
When operated in Boat Mode, the Deeper App combines the PRO’s detailed data together with GPS location data from your smartphone to create bathymetric maps in real-time. All maps are free to download through the Deeper App.

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