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Delkim Standard Plus Bite Alarm

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Product Info

Ref: 110008175

Delkim Standard Plus Bite Alarm

The Delkim Standard Plus has all the features and build quality of the flagship Tx-i Plus without the integral radio transmitter. It is the first choice bite alarm for many experienced anglers all over the world, where sensitivity, controllability, versatility and reliability are the main requirements. When used in conjunction with the Tx Plus Micro Transmitter and Rx Plus Pro Mini Receiver, the user has the main benefits of the reliable and sophisticated Delkim cordless radio system with good range and long battery life expectations.

Standard Plus Features:
  • Tried and Tested Vibration Sensing - Our unique system uses digital, microprocessor and piezo technology, giving proportional indication of line speed/vibration with no moving parts whatsoever
  • Two Sensitivity Ranges - Set by a switch with additional fine rotary adjustment for optimum sensitivity setting to cover all conditions
  • High Volume - Adjusting from zero to 100dB
  • Wide Tone Range - High to low with unique alternating run mode tones
  • Large Rotary Controls- Adjusting sensitivity, volume and tone
  • Multi-Function Colour Coded Push Button - Changes LED modes and confirms volume/tone
  • Variable LED Modes - 5 combinations for changing light conditions with high, medium and low brightness plus Night Marking mode
  • Patented Delkim Night Marking Mode - When set the twin LEDs glimmer continuously for Night Marking, eliminating the need for betalights
  • NiteLite Output 2.5mm - For connection of an optional Delkim Visual Indication System
  • Audio Output (3.5mm) - For connection of Tx Plus Micro Transmitter
  • Low Battery and Battery Fail Audible Warnings - Distinctive separate warnings for low battery and battery fail
  • Battery Life of At least a Year - Using a quality PP3 9V battery (e.g. Duracell MN1604)
  • Price: 84.50 (Purple 5.00 extra)
  • Available in 6 Colours -