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Premium Carp Food

PCF Boilies 10Kg Deal in 14 & 18mm

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Flavour in 10Kg Bag
The Relish   
Pickled Krill   
Red Berry   
Squiddly Diddly   
The Ghost   
Boilie Size:
14mm Boilies   
18mm Boilies   
Flavour in 10Kg Bag Boilie Size:
The Relish14mm Boilies
The Relish18mm Boilies
Cocofruit14mm Boilies
Cocofruit18mm Boilies
Pickled Krill14mm Boilies
Pickled Krill18mm Boilies
Red Berry14mm Boilies
Red Berry18mm Boilies
Squiddly Diddly14mm Boilies
Squiddly Diddly18mm Boilies
The Ghost14mm Boilies
The Ghost18mm Boilies

Product Info

Ref: 110007079

Premium Carp Fishing Ltd is a business dedicated to selling the highest quality bait.

Our bait 'Premium Carp Food' consists of nothing but the best ingredients and attractants to help you put more fish on the bank. The bait range has already produced some great catches for those already using it… get yourself a big edge and start using it today!

Flavour Recipes
PCF - The Relish Boilies The Relish - Contains a fine blend of Fishmeal, Krill, Squid Powder, Belachan, Soluble Fish Liquid, Yeast, Molasses and Maple Extract combined to createa lovely dark sweet aromatic ball of goodness irresistible to carp!
PCF - Cocofruit Boilies CocoFruit - Combines milk, fishmeals, bird foods, yeast and natural coconut - with one of the best and often neglected fruit flavours.
PCF - Pickled Krill Boilies Pickled Krill - A middle eastern fusion of fishmeal, Krill meal, yeast and a blend of Garlic, Red Chillies, Cumin, Cinnamon and Pepper.
PCF -Red Berry Boilies Red Berry - A classic, balanced food bait including Haiths Robin Red, Milk proteins, Minamino and a blend of essential oils.
PCF -Squiddly Diddly Boilies Squiddly Diddly - A blend of the finest fish, squid and krill meals, ground nut, bird foods and milk proteins, with the all-time classic attractor combination of scopex and, of course, spicy squid.
PCF -The Ghost Boilies The Ghost - A spicy, caramel, combination of milk proteins and carbohydrate sources with a unique blend of natural attractors.