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Preston Absolute Carbon Seat Box

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Product Info

Ref: 110007778

Preston Absolute Carbon Seat Box

The Absolute Carbon is the realisation of a new innovative design concept to create a lightweight masterpiece that takes seatbox design to the next level.

The elegant curves of the Absolute Carbon have been designed to give the box maximum strength as well as creating a striking appearance which is second to none. This coincides with strategic carbon fibre reinforcement in all key areas of the design to enhance the Absolute Carbon’s solid stature.

The aerospace grade carbon fibre not only features on the SeatBox Frame but also importantly on the Footplate Frame, outer and inner legs and mud feet, thus further reducing the weight resulting in an incredibly light and super strong seatbox.

Supplied With:
  • 40mm Deep Tray Unit
  • 40mm Compartmented Side Drawer Unit
  • Deluxe Padded Seat With Integrated Side Drawer
  • 13cm Winder Tray (Complete With Winders)
  • 18cm Winder Tray (Complete With Winders)
  • 26cm Winder Tray (Complete With Winders)
  • Cassette Lid
  • Custom Designed Seatbox Cover
  • Deluxe Padded Shoulder Strap
  • Shuttle Adaptor
  • Carbon Fibre “After-Care Kit”