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Preston Classic Feeder Rods

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11ft Feeder (PROD/01) OUT OF STOCK
12ft Feeder (PROD/02) 79.99 (1 Available)
11-13ft Feeder (PROD/03) 94.99 (2 Available)

Product Info

Ref: 110008008

Preston Classic Feeder Rods
11ft Feeder (PROD/01) / 12ft Feeder (PROD/02)
11-13ft Feeder (PROD/03)

11ft Feeder Rod
The shortest rod in the Classic range comes in to its own for short to medium range feeder work and is suitable for use with bomb, method or conventional feeders.

Fine fast taper tips will indicate even the shyest of bites and the progressive blank will cope with everything from small skimmers to large carp.

Line Rating 3lb - 8lb

12ft Feeder Rod
The 12ft model is a classic medium feeder rod, equally suited to traditional style bream fishing on large reservoirs as it is to punching out method feeders on commercials.

Forgiving enough for use with fine terminal tackle and braided main line but strong enough to tame the hard fighting match carp on conventional mono.

Line Rating 4lb - 8lb

11-13ft Feeder Rod
A classic configuration and seriously versatile feeder rod.

At 11ft it is the perfect short range rod for all species and venues but with the addition of the 2ft extension it is transformed into a robust 13ft rod capable of distance casting with method feeders or heavy feeder fishing on fast flowing rivers.

Line Rating 4lb - 8lb