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Preston Competition Pro Feeder Rods

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(from) 69.99
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11ft 4" L/M Feeder (CPRS/03) 69.99 (1 Available)
12ft Medium Feeder (CPRS/04) 74.99 (1 Available)
12ft6" M/H Feeder (CPRS/05) 79.99 (1 Available)

Product Info

Ref: 110008000

Preston Competition Pro Feeder Rods
11ft4" L/M Feeder (CPRS/03) / 12ft Medium Feeder (CPRS/04)
12ft6" M/H Feeder (CPRS/05)

11ft4" Light - Medium Feeder Rod
The perfect bream rod and has a deceptively strong yet soft action capable of despatching fully loaded groundbait or method feeders up to 50m.

Suitable for lakes and rivers alike and has enough strength in reserve to cope with big bream and carp.

Line Rating 4lb - 8lb

12ft Medium Feeder Rod
The 12’ Competition Pro Feeder also doubles as a great all round feeder rod for rivers and commercials.

The perfect balance of performance, strength and finesse makes this rod the ideal choice for all species.

Line Rating 4lb - 8lb

12ft6" Medium Heavy Feeder Rod
For medium to long range still water feeder fishing as well as heavy feeder fishing on rivers this rod has the ability to punch big feeders a long way whilst still maintaining casting accuracy.

It also has plenty of backbone to tame hard fighting big fish such as carp and barbel.

Line Rating 4lb - 8lb