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Preston Equis Feeder Rods

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11ft Super Feeder (PROD/20) OUT OF STOCK
11ft6" Super Feeder (PROD/21) OUT OF STOCK
12ft Super Feeder (PROD/22) 139.99 (1 Available)

Product Info

Ref: 110008004

Preston Competition Pro Feeder Rods
11ft Super Feeder (PROD/20) / 11ft6" Super Feeder (PROD/21)
12ft Super Feeder (PROD/22)

11ft" Super Feeder Rod
The 11ft Equis Feeder is the perfect rod for short to medium distance bream and skimmer fishing with open ended or small method feeders.

This rod has a very forgiving through action which is perfect for fishing with small hooks and light hooklengths.

The 11' Feeder is equally as good for winter carp and F1's on the bomb.

The 11' Equis Feeder comes supplied with three interchangeable quiver tips giving you a wide range if options to cover a variety of species, situation and venue.

11ft6 Super Feeder Rod
Designed around the same principles as the 11ft Feeder, the 11ft 6' can be used for longer casts and is suitable for a wide range of species from small skimmers and bream through to tench and carp with loaded feeders up to a weight of 45g.

Supplied with three quiver tips to cover all eventualities.

12ft Super Feeder Rod
An incredibly versatile rod, the Equis 12ft Feeder is ideal for medium distance bream fishing and equally at home river fishing for hard fighting species such as chub.

The three supplied quiver tips blend superbly into the blank, powering up into the butt section which increases its casting credentials significantly.