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Sonik Gravity X Cork Carp Rods

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12ft 3.00lb (GRAVXCR1C) OUT OF STOCK
12ft 3.25lb (GRAVXCR2C) £175.00 (3 Available)

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Ref: 110006988

Sonik Gravity X Cork Carp Rods
GRAVXCR1C (12ft 3.00lb)
GRAVXCR2C (12ft 3.25lb)

The first of it’s kind, the Gravity X Carp rods are manufactured to give the perfect blend of power and finesse, in a rod that has to be felt to be believed.

The ground-breaking Gravity X Carp Rods are the first ever rods to be made from a new breed of NanoAlloy Material. This revolutionary new technology forms a polymer alloy structure that combines multiple polymers in the nano-metric scale.

In laymen’s terms this means we can create a rod that is lighter, slimmer, stronger & faster. The Holy Grail of all rod development.

  • Manufactured from new ground-breaking Nano Alloy material.
  • 18mm Fuji DPS Reel Seat with Grey smoke real seat hoods.
  • Ventilated front & rear collars.
  • Full titanium impact resistant SIC guides.