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Angling Technics - Microcat Bait Boat Mk III

Angling Technics - Microcat Bait Boat Mk III

Ref: 110007160

Microcat Mk III 860.00
Microcat Mk III (+Graphic Echo Sounder) 1,552.50

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Angling Technics - Microcat Bait Boat MKIII The most significant feature of this boat is that it is self-priming - just place it on the water and off it will go! Microcat MklIl 2.4Ghz - This upgrade in radio systems from 40Mhz to 2.4Ghz will improve signal stability and virtually eliminate the chances of two users having the same operating channels on their boats. There is NO external aerial on the boat as now it is fitted to the boat internally. There is now a 'power LED' mounted in the old aerial position that is 'ON' all the time while the boat is switched 'on'. This eliminates the situation where the boat can be switched 'on' but the normal LED's switched 'off' and the user does not know the boat is on. Supplied with carry bag. The navigational LEDs are all raised from the bodywork, making them even more visible. The brightness of the LEDs can be controlled from the transmitter - very bright to dim and can also be turned off. The battery boxes drop into a watertight compartment thus ensuring that no water enters the main boat hull. They also feature a splash guttering around the top, complete with drain. The carrying handle has been upgraded to be stronger and more rigid and finally there are electronic changes, upgrades, and safeguards to further improve this already reliable and legendary boat. Specifications:-
  • 2.4 Ghz FM 4 channel radio system - less inteference
  • Four ultrasonic sealed zero maintenance jet pumps - fast, efficient, quiet and self priming
  • Excellent for all baits including particles
  • The two hoppers can be individually or simultaneously opened
  • Microprocessor controlled variable speed in forward and reverse - spins on its own axis
  • Six ultra high intensity LEDs including blue, white, red and green - visible range, even in daytime
  • Remote lighting control - control the lighting at range
  • Removable battery system - change the batteries
  • Hydro dynamically efficient and stable catamaran hull - 3D CAD designed
  • Echo sounder acceptable: Yes
  • Size: 690mm x 370 mm x 170mm
  • Weight: 7kg - standard batteries, 9kg - HD batteries (approx.)
  • Running time (at max speed): 45 minutes - standard batteries, 70 minutes - HD batteries
  • The boat has no external boat aerial - as it is mounted internally
  • The boat is supplied with a "standard" boat bag