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Daiwa Tournament RS Rods

Daiwa Tournament RS Rods

Ref: 110007526

13ft F (TNRS13F) 341.25
13ft PF (TNRS13PF) 367.50
14ft F (TNRS14F) 399.00
14ft PF (TNRS14PF) 399.00
15ft F (TNRS15F) 418.95
RRP (from) 415.00

Our Price (from)


Daiwa Tournament RS Rods
TNRS13F (13ft F Model) / TNRS13PF (13ft PF Model)
TNRS14F (14ft F Model) / TNRS14PF (14ft PF Model)
TNRS15F (15ft F Model)

When it comes to wild water fishing, especially rivers many recognise Dave Harrell as one of the best.

Our design team have created the Tournament RS ‘River/Stillwater’ collection in conjunction with Dave, taking on board the wide and varied styles that have now returned to the match and pleasure scene.

At each rods core is the bias carbon technology of X45 within compression zones. This aids both accuracy and power, plus delivers quick blank recovery.

Five float models cover mixed waggler methods especially the PF models where Dave has shown the way with ‘power waggler’ methods. Round the choice of is ‘big’ 15’ stick version for added line control.

In feeder terms all rods feature glass QT’s. Stillwaters and river are equally catered for across the five choices, with the 12/13 models likely to be highly popular.

All models feature a shaped EVA and Armlock Cork handle. The float rods are equipped with SiC guides whilst the feeder rods have been furnished with lower profile Alconite Fuji K guides.

  • High modulus SVF Super Volume Fibre blanks
  • Bias Carbon V-Joints
  • Unique Tournament reel seat
  • Megatop quivers on feeder rods
  • Fuji Alconite guides
  • Combined cork and Duplon handle with Armlock
  • Supplied in protective tube