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Drennan Acolyte Ultra Float Rods

Drennan Acolyte Ultra Float Rods

Ref: 110008266

Ultra 13ft Float 189.00
Ultra 14ft Float Call 01733 865870 for Availability.
Ultra 15ft Float 209.00
Ultra Compact 13ft Float 209.00

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Drennan Acolyte Ultra Float Rods
13ft / 14ft 15ft Float Rods / Compact 13ft Float Rod

The blank feels very rigid and has a light, crisp action with little or no bounce for really excellent line and float control. At the same time, the tip action is soft enough to act as a gentle shock absorber, cushioning the strike and preventing hook pulls. This allows ultra-light hooklengths below 1lb (0.08mm) to be fished with confidence.

Paired with a compact float fish reel, the rods tends to sit up in the hand at an angle above horizontal, making them a joy to fish with all day. They have been designed principally for reel lines from 2lb 8oz to 4lb+, which is roughly 0.12mm to 0.18mm diameter monofilament.

13ft Acolyte Ultra Float
The 13ft Acolyte Ultra float rod boasts an exceptionally slim, high modulus carbon blank and weighs just 4.75oz!

14ft Acolyte Ultra Float
The 14ft Acolyte Ultra float rod boasts an exceptionally slim, high modulus carbon blank. This model is just 5.25oz and actually better balanced than most 13ft models!

15ft Acolyte Ultra Float
Despite being 15ft the super slim and featherweight blank still only weighs approximately 5 3/4oz (163g), which makes it lighter and better balanced than many manufacturers’ 13ft models!

13ft Acolyte Compact Ultra Float
This clever feature enables the rod to be stored made-up while still being a manageable length for transportation. It also comes with its own padded Acolyte Compact Rod Sleeve with retaining bands and rod socks to help protect the rod in transit.

In use, the Compact Acolyte Ultra 13ft has a similar exquisite action and performance as the standard three-piece Acolyte Ultra 13ft. In fact, the way it is constructed means it is actually even better balanced. As you would expect, being so light and slim ensures it almost effortless to fish with.

Product Overview:
  • High modulus carbon blank
  • Three sections
  • Ultra slim
  • Lightweight and perfectly balanced
  • Excellent line and float control
  • Crisp and responsive blank
  • Suitable for reel lines from 2lb 8oz to 4lb+
  • Can be used with ultra light hooklengths below 1lb (0.08mm)
  • Full cork handle
  • Engraved butt cap
  • Fuji reel seat