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Drennan Double Strength Mono 100m

Drennan Double Strength Mono 100m

Ref: 1100126

Breaking strain
2lb 12oz 5.45
3lb 6oz 5.45
4lb 5.45
5lb 5.45
6lb 5.45
7lb 5.65
8lb 5.65
10lb 5.65
12lb 5.65
15lb 5.65

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Drennan Double Strength is the original Japanese hi-tech line made available in the U.K.

Offering excellent strength to diameter ratios, in a wide range of breaking strains, this soft and supple neutral tone line behaves and handles very well in a wide range of uses. 100m spools

This line is double the strength of similar lines at the stated diameters. So you get an accurate breaking strain with half the normal diameter very little stretch and sits very high in the water.
This line is also popular for Carp floater fishing l