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Drennan MatchPro Feeder Rods

Drennan MatchPro Feeder Rods

Ref: 110008161

12ft Medium Feeder 159.00
12ft Super Feeder 169.00

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Drennan MatchPro Feeder Rods
Medium Feeder Rod / Super Feeder Rod

The reserves of power provide plenty of control around the margins, while the forgiving action is a highly efficient shock absorber.

12ft Medium Feeder
It is suitable for all types of feeders up to 50g and will easily cast 60m+ ranges with accuracy.

Three push-in quiver tips are supplied. The 2oz slow taper glass tip is perfect for stillwater use. The heavier 2.5oz and 3oz slow taper carbon tips are excellent drop-back bite indicators on flowing rivers.

Ideal reel lines are 4lb to 7lb in either mono or braid and the convenient two-piece construction enables the rod to be made up, folded and stored in a rod sleeve.

12ft Super Feeder
An IM8 carbon blank with a 3mm carbon tape overwrap for added strength means it is perfect for long-range carp fishing on bigger commercial waters. It is also great for big river barbel. The extra power ensures that casting accuracy is maintained even at distance and is coupled with a forgiving action that subdues big fish while helping to reduce the risk of hook pulls or breakages.

It is ideal for use with reel lines of 4lb to 8lb in either mono or braid and comes supplied with three carbon tips, 2.5oz, 3oz, and 4oz.