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Drennan Red Range Waggler Rods

Drennan Red Range Waggler Rods

Ref: 110008138

10ft Pellet Waggler 54.95
11ft Pellet Waggler 59.95
11ft Carp Waggler 54.95
12ft Carp Waggler 59.95
13ft Float 64.95

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Drennan Red Range Waggler Rods

The blank is finished in Drennan’s trademark Red Range burgundy with a cork and duplon handle, screw-down reel seat and a neat keeper ring. A convenient two-piece design ensures it can be assembled and folded away in seconds.

10ft & 11ft Pellet Waggler
It is an excellent choice for playing quality fish of all sizes, but is primarily designed for tench, F1s and match-sized carp up to 10lb+. A slim blank and semi-through action really helps with casting and playing fish and also helps to keep hook pulls to a minimum.

11ft & 12ft Carp Waggler
The short length is ideal for accurate, repetitive casting when fishing a pellet waggler. It will comfortably cast a wide range of floats up to 6g in weight and is better suited for fishing tighter swims where room for casting and playing fish is restricted.

Both rods have a reel line rating of 3lb to 6lb fished straight through (0.16mm to 0.22mm) or with slightly lighter hooklengths of 2.5lb to 5lb (nominally 0.16mm to 0.20mm).

13ft Float
The lightweight and responsive tip helps to hit fast bites and reduce hook pulls, while its mellow semi-through action makes it an excellent fish playing rod.

Ideal for use with 3-4lb reel lines, either fished straight through, or with hooklengths down to about 1lb (0.08mm).