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Drennan Series 7 13ft Tech & Specimen Rod

Drennan Series 7 13ft Tech & Specimen Rod

Ref: 110008245

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This Product is either out of Stock or Ordered from the supplier upon request.

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Drennan Series 7 13ft Tech & Specimen Rod

The Series 7 Tench & Specimen Float is a true all-rounder, it’s the perfect tool for trotting maggots in the winter for chub but also lends itself perfectly for hard-fighting tench and bream on a summer’s evening.

This 13ft rod but it conveniently breaks down into two equal 6ft 1.5in sections with a separate lower handle, so you get a 13ft rod which is as easy to transport as a 12ft.

This rod and sleeve arrangement is a simple but revolutionary design which is wonderfully convenient, easy to transport and avoids all the problems and tangles associated with three-piece made-up rods.

This is made possible because of the unique and patented system of removing the bottom foot of the rod handle and storing this piece in a special pocket inside the supplied padded ready rod sleeve.

The design also reduces the number of ferrules in the front of the hand, the action of the blank is also noticeably improved. This rod has a semi-through action blank with a fast tip and excellent reserves of power, yet feels perfectly balanced in the hand.

Ideal for reel lines between 3lb and 7lb and hooklengths between 2lb 8oz and 6lb.

Product Overview:
  • Patented design
  • Breaks down into two equal lengths, plus a 12in handle section
  • Semi-through action with a fast tip
  • Perfect tool for targeting species like chub, tench, and bream
  • SiC guides
  • Screw down reel seat
  • Recommended with reel lines from 3lb to 7lb
  • Recommended with hooklengths between 2lb 8oz and 6lb
  • Supplied with a Series 7 padded rod sleeve