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Drennan Series 7 Puddle Chucker Carp Feeder Rods

Drennan Series 7 Puddle Chucker Carp Feeder Rods

Ref: 110008151

10ft Carp Feeder 89.95
11ft Carp Feeder 94.95
12ft Carp Feeder 99.95
10-11ft Combo Carp Feeder 109.00

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Drennan Series 7 Puddle Chucker Carp Feeder Rods
10ft / 11ft / 12ft / 10-11ft Combo Feeder Rods

These Series 7 Puddle Chucker Carp Feeders are an excellent fish playing rod that is ideal for carp and quality fish on commercial waters.

10ft Carp Feeder
It is the shortest in a family of three Carp Feeder rods and ideal for short-range work and tight pegs. Despite being only 10ft it is very capable of casting bombs and small feeders accurately and landing small to medium carp quickly. It has power in reserve to let you steer carp away from obstructions yet not so much as to risk hook pulls or line breakages. The shorter length also allows you to bring fish much closer for convenient netting.

11ft Carp Feeder
Slightly longer than the 10ft Carp Feeder but with similar attributes. The extra length will allow you to cast that bit further with ease, while maintaining good accuracy with heavier feeders. It still has that all-important shock-absorbing ‘through action’ with plenty of hidden power lower down to control good sized commercial carp.

12ft Carp Feeder
The longest in the family of three Carp Feeder rods, the 12ft is able to cast much longer distances and copes well with heavier leads and loaded feeders. The extra length affords plenty of control when battling carp around the marginal obstacles and there is still the required through action to help absorb sudden lunges and to minimise the possibility of hook pulls and line breakages.

10-11ft Combo Carp Feeder
It can be carried fully made up at 10ft, with the option of changing the length without the need to strip everything back and tackle up again.

With the extension to 11ft added, the butt guide is moved further up the blank, which helps cast heavier loads up to medium size Method feeders over greater distances.