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Nash Cybershot Throwing Stick (T2873)

Nash Cybershot Throwing Stick (T2873)

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Nash Cybershot Throwing Stick (T2873)

A baiting revolution

This awesome throwing stick quite simply makes any other obsolete. It will stick out baits further and more accurately, at a rate that no others can compete with. Importantly, with the Cybershot being so light and only using carbon rails to guide baits there is virtually no air resistance, alleviating the risk of arm injury, pain, even tennis elbow or permanent arm damage.
Key Features:

  • High strength modular plastic/carbon construction
  • Unique carbon rail design reduces wind resistance for distance
  • Enhanced accuracy
  • Minimal fatigue and arm strain
  • Ergonomic soft touch grip
  • Fast base loading of baits
  • Adjustable safety wrist lanyard