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Nash Instant Action 15mm 5kg Bags

Ref: 110007637

Candy Nut Crush (B3557)
Pineapple Crush (B3554)
Crab and Krill (B3550) Call 01733 865870 for Availability.
Tangerine Dream (B3551) Call 01733 865870 for Availability.
Coconut Créme (B3552)
Strawberry Crush (B3574)
Monster Crab (B3558)
Squid & Krill (B3559) Call 01733 865870 for Availability.

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Nash Instant Action 15mm 5kg Bags

Special Nash Deal! Buy 2 Bags and get a 3rd Free!!

Buy 2 bags of boilies and get a third one free, on all flavours and sizes.

For instance, buy 2 x 5kg bags at £37.99 each and get a third bag free, so you pay £75.98 for 15kg.

Instant Action Boilies are formulated from individual ingredient level upwards to provide aggressive feeding signals as soon as a bait hits water - perfect for today's busy fisheries and shorter sessions.

Many of the key attractor blends gace previously been reserved only for top carpers. Combined with exclusive food ingredients that improve taste, digestibility and attractor leak off, the result is a range that makes the biggest edges from 25 years' bait making available to everyone.

The instant action range includes pop-ups, 2mm ball maker method pellet, 6mm high attract pellet , ball maker method mix and PVA friendly booster Juices, offering an unbeatable combination of convenience, performance and simplicity.