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Preston Competition Pro Net Bags

Preston Competition Pro Net Bags

Ref: 110007851

Single (CLUG/08) 18.99
Double (CLUG/09) 29.99

Our Price (from)


Preston Competition Pro Net Bags
CLUG/08 (Single Net Bag) / CLUG/09 (Double Net Bag)

Single Net Bag
Perfect item of tackle for the angler that carries a single keepnet and landing net. The Single Net Bag features a main zipped compartment as well as an outer pocket which is perfect for side trays, bait waiters and other OffBox accessories.

Double Net Bag
The Double Net Bag features two main compartments which will hold two keepnets comfortably. It also has two smaller outer pockets which are ideal for items like side trays, riddles, landing nets etc. This net bag is perfect for anglers that need two nets and several accessories in one bag.

Key Features
  • Heavy duty zip for easy access to main compartment
  • High quality oversized zips
  • Wipe clean fabric
  • Padded shoulder and carry strap