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Preston Response M70 16m Pole RESM70/16m

Preston Response M70 16m Pole RESM70/16m

Ref: 11000639

RRP 1750.00

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Preston Response M70 16m Pole

Made with the same 100% Torayca High Modulus Japanese Carbon Fibre as the flagship M90, the Response M70 share lots of the same characteristics. Stiff, strong and responsive with impressive balance and recovery on the strike; the M70 is without a doubt the best mid range pole we have ever produced. This is true all-rounder designed to meet the demanding requirements of modern match fishing.

The M70 is a true 16m when fitted with the reinforced half extension which is supplied as standard and is fully interchangeable with the M90. Including the 16m half extension, which also fits the 14.5m section, the package contains a total of three mini extensions, two of which are bi-conical and fit sections 5/6 and 7/8 respectively giving total protection regardless of the distance you are fishing.

This pole is supplied with a combination of optimum length 2.4m match kits and Roller Pulla power kits that require no cutting back as all are pre-bushed with genuine Preston Innovations Slip Bushes, ready to fish.

The M70 has a total of eight kits, whichever kit is fitted the pole will always be the same length ensuring accurate feeding and rig placement. To further optimise performance EVA elastic alignment cones with PTFE bushes are supplied for every top kit and this pole features section alignment arrows for maximum efficiency.

Top 3's and Number 4's Compatible with Existing GXR and GIS Poles

?Carbon fatigue is minimised with the addition of internal reinforcement on all female sections and shipping is assisted by the Easy Ship anti-friction finish on both poles to ensure fishing will not be compromised in any conditions.

The M70 packs into one section at 14.5m and comes supplied with two extremely hard wearing protective pole tubes for the 14.5m pole and the 16m section. All of the spare kits also come supplied in individual protective tubes as well as a bespoke Response Monster Pole Holdall.

  • 1 x 16m pole
  • Section 9/10 Half Extension
  • 1 x Match Top 3 Kit
  • 2 x Match Top 2 Kit (2.4m)
  • 4 x Roller Pulla Power Top 2 Kit (2.4m)
  • Section 7/8 Bi-Conical Mini Extension
  • Section 5/6 Bi-Conical Mini Extension
  • Monster Response Holdall
  • EVA Elastic Alignment Cones with PTFE Bushes
  • Kupping Kit and Kups

Product Details
  • Match Top 2 Kit M90 (2.4m)
  • Match Top 3 Kit M90 (3.95m)
  • Roller Pulla Power Top 2 Kit (2.4m)
  • Roller Pulla F1 Top 2 Kit (2.4m)
  • F1 Short Stop (1.85m)
  • Short No3 Section
  • Universal 1.7m Mini Extension