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RidgeMonkey Bait Spoon

RidgeMonkey Bait Spoon

Ref: 110007376

Standard 3.99
Standard Green 3.99
XL White 6.99
XL Green 6.99
XL Air Spoon Green (With Holes) 6.99

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RidgeMonkey Bait Spoon

A robust handheld PVC Bait Spoon with a multitude of uses - ideal for scooping boilies/pellets/maggots, stirring spod mix and loading of Spombs. Available in green and white, with two sizes and two styles to choose from: the “Air” version comes equipped with drainage holes in the base.

Approximate sizes:

Standard 250 x 120 x 120mm

XL 300 x 130 x 110mm

Both sizes come in Green or White.