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RidgeMonkey Modular Bucket System

RidgeMonkey Modular Bucket System

Ref: 110007373

Standard 17ltr 16.99
XL 30ltr 19.99

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This Product is either out of Stock or Ordered from the supplier upon request.

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RidgeMonkey Modular Bucket System

Taking the square bucket concept to a whole new level, the Modular Bucket system features a pair of independent freezer-safe bait boxes, each with their own tight fitting lids. The clever part? Those boxes not only slot onto the sides of the bucket "bait waiter" style but they also fit snugly inside the top of the bucket when not in use, providing the angler with unparallelled convenience and all the quality that you'd expect from a RidgeMonkey product.

Standard: 270 x 230 x 280mm, approx capacity 17 litres

XL: 300 x 270 x 380mm, approx capacity 30 litres