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Shimano Aernos Commercial Float Rods

Shimano Aernos Commercial Float Rods

Ref: 110008944

10ft Float (ARNS10CFL) 71.99
9-11ft Float (ARNS911CFL) 84.99
RRP 84.99

Our Price


Shimano Beastmaster CX Commercial Float Rods
ARNS10CFL (10ft Float) / ARNS911CFL (9-11ft Float)

The Aernos commercial is a new member of the commercial rods family and positioned in the low-mid price range.

The responsive XT60 blanks are very good for casting and they have good fish-fighting abilities. The blank action is optimized for setting the hook and fighting fish, even when light tackle is used.

Product Specifications:
  • Rod Type: Match
  • Length (m): 3.05 - 3.35
  • Blank Material: XT60
  • Reel Seat: Shimano DPS-type
  • Guide Type: Sea Guide
  • Grip: CORK
  • Packaging: Cloth bag