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Shimano PowerPro Regular Braid (135m Spool)

Shimano PowerPro Regular Braid (135m Spool)

Ref: 110007736

135m Moss Green
4Kg 19.99 5Kg 19.99
8Kg 19.99 9Kg 19.99
13Kg 19.99 15Kg 19.99
20Kg 19.99 24Kg 19.99
30Kg 19.99 40Kg 24.99

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Shimano PowerPro Regular Braid
Simply put, PowerPro is the ultimate combination of modern technology and old-fashioned fishing knowledge. We begin with ultra-strong braided Spectra Fiber, then use Enhanced Body Technology to create an incredibly round, smooth, and sensitive line.

PowerPro set the bar for braided line and now with 8 premium options to choose from there is a PowerPro to cover any technique and fit any fishing situation.

PowerPro's unique composition and Enhanced Body Technology give you a line that is:

Structurally Superior

  • Reduces wind knots, backlashes, guide and rod tip wraps
  • Ties more easily and holds knots better
  • Nearly zero stretch
  • No reel memory
  • Spools and packs better on any reel
  • Has unbelievable strength-to-size ratio

Smoother and Slicker

  • Sails effortlessly through guides for longer casts
  • Won't cut guides
  • Resists abrasion
  • Long lasting
  • Won't bury in the spool

PowerPro Braided Line

  • Original PowerPro braided line casts further, has almost zero stretch, and amazing strength.
  • With a wide range of colors and available in pound test from 5lb to 250lb there is a PowerPro braid for any situation.