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Skee-Tex Ultralight

Skee-Tex Ultralight

Ref: 110008803

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Skee-Tex Ultralight

Skee-Tex wellies are designed mainly for work and leisure such as fishing, angling, agriculture, farming etc. They protect against cold and wetness; providing full isolation from the surface. EVA footwear is extremely durable, waterproof, water resistance, protects against low temperatures and is superlight which assists comfort during wear. All their boots have removable lining with a stiffen insole in form of a sock. This allows the lining to be easily removed and washed. This means that the product can be kept clean.

  • Water durable: Closed-cell foam, non-water-absorbing, moisture-proof.
  • Rot resistant: Seawater, oil, acid and alkali durable; antibacterial, safe, odorless and non-polluting.
  • Shockproof: Good flexibility and anti-hardening; excellent shockproof and cushion capability.
  • Heat preservation:
  • Excellent heat insulation, anti-cold, non-frosting and insulation enduring capabilities.
  • Sound insulation: Closed-cell foam, good sound insulation capability.