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Trakker N2 Chest Waders

Trakker N2 Chest Waders

Ref: 110008845

UK 7-8 / EU 41-42
UK 9 / EU 43 Call 01733 865870 for Availability.
UK 10 / EU 44 Call 01733 865870 for Availability.
UK 11/ EU 45
UK 12-13 / EU 46-47
RRP 74.99

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Trakker N2 Chest Waders
Sizes: UK 7-8 (EU 41-42) / UK 9 (EU 43) / UK 10 (EU 44) / UK 11 (EU 45) / UK 12-13 (EU 46-47)

Trakkers N2 Chest Waders boast supreme-comfort for long periods of wear. These waders are constructed from a lightweight yet extremely tough and durable material, which dries quickly after use, and feature boots with a soft compound sole for greater feel, grip, comfort and stability.

The N2 Chest Waders are able to cater for most anglers, thanks to fully-adjustable shoulder straps and waist adjusters.

The first foray into the wader market also features an internal chest pocket which is perfect for when you’re wading-out a rod down the margin and want to keep some essentials to hand, safe and dry, such as pre-tied PVA bags, a handful of boilies or maybe a spare lead or two.

Even the carry-bag these waders come in has been cleverly designed to allow wet or damp waders to continue to dry whilst inside the bag!

Note: When wading in any water for the first time, always do so with the aid of a staff or landing net pole so that you can feel the lake bed and prevent unexpectedly stepping into deeper water.

  • Lightweight and comfortable
  • high-quality elasticated braces
  • Fully adjustable waist straps
  • Internal chest wader pocket
  • Two-tone quality PVC boot
  • Supplied with unique air-dry bag
  • Wader repair kit included